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Heather Perella LMT.

Massage therapist Hampden, MA

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Specializing in
neck and shoulder pain relief



I am Heather Perella, a licensed massage therapist in Hampden, MA. I specialize in treating head, neck and shoulders because 99% of my clients have aches and pains in those areas from their daily life. Whether you suffer from driving long distances, sitting at a desk all day tension headaches, or just plain sleeping wrong. I will help you walk out with relief!

"Heather is fantastic at what she does. Always the perfect amount of pressure and firmness. I felt extremely comfortable and very relaxed during the session. Looking forward to getting back there!”




Neck and Shoulder Therapy 

A 30 or 60-min treatment focusing only on the upper body.  Massage Therapy can reduce pain and increase range of motion in the neck and shoulders by lengthening and softening muscles.


Neck and Shoulder Therapy targets releasing pressure on the nerves in the neck and shoulders to ease your pain.

Therapeutic massage

Our full body massage is perfect for relieving stress and tension, and can be customized to meet your specific needs. This can either be deep tissue or a relaxing massage.

Our therapeutic massage services address specific areas of tension and stress, using a variety of different techniques. 


Massage therapy can be given a new spin by using silicone cups. When it comes to separating and loosening muscle and fascia, cupping lifts to aid while most treatments press into the body. You can add this to any therapeutic massage session you choose.

Cancellation Policy

Please give me at least 24 hours notice if you need to change or cancel your massage appointment so that I can offer the time slot to the next person on my waiting list. Thanks!
Failure to do so will result in a 50% charge of your scheduled appointment.

Covid/Flu Disclaimer 

I am fully vaccinated against Covid and Flu and take all precautions to clean and sanitize the room between every appointment.
At this moment, masks are optional, and not necessary. If for whatever reason you prefer for me to wear a mask, I am happy to. If you need anything, you can always ask! It is important to me that you feel at ease during the massage.



Tel. (413) 563-8607

2 Allen Street

Hampden, MA


Looking for massage therapy near you? I'm conveniently located in Hampden MA. Don't wait – contact me today and start enjoying the benefits of therapeutic massage.



Book today and start enjoying the benefits of a therapeutic massage in Hampden MA!


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